Welcome to our new pope, Pope Francis I

pope francis electionOn March 13th 2013, at the end of the second day of the papal conclave and after just the fifth ballot, white smoke billowed from the chimney, signalling that a new pope had been elected.

Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio, the pope elect, was formally asked, in Latin, by the most senior of the electing cardinals, Cardinal Giovanni Battista Re: “Do you accept your canonical election as supreme pontiff?” He was then asked by which name he wanted to be called, robed in the Room of Tears, given time to pray, and then taken out onto the balcony at the Vatican to be shown to the world.

Many people were surprised that this Argentinian born Jesuit cardinal, with Italian heritage, had been elected pope. And many more did not know who he was. But his humbleness and straightforward, no-nonsense manner soon endeared him to the hearts of the faithful and the world.

The first pope ever to choose the name, Francis, Cardinal Bergoglio has taken  it in honour of Saint Francis of Assisi, the founder of the worldwide Franciscan order, champion of the poor and patron of animals and the environment. Likewise, Pope Francis has great concern for the injustice and sufferings endured by the poor, and has called the Church and the world to action.


May Pope Francis be filled with the Holy Spirit, and given holy strength and a most courageous heart as he leads the Church ever onward.


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Thanks go to the Catholic News Agency  www.catholicnewsagency.com for this brilliant infographic. Double click to make it bigger or download to view it more clearly.

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