What’s the popemobile?

What’s the popemobile?

 The pope makes visits to many different places. Wherever he goes, huge numbers of people gather to try to catch a glimpse of this special person. So that everyone can see him, he travels around in the popemobile, which has lots of glass so people can get a better view.

There are several popemobiles: some go fast (160 mph), some are open air, some allow the pope to stand, others to sit, and some have bullet proof glass.  You might think that this would be unnecessary; who would want to harm the pope? But in 1981 Pope John Paul II was shot in an assassination attempt by a man called Ali Agca and seriously wounded.

Pope Francis I has refused to use the bullet proof popemobile during his visit to Rio for World Youth Day! He wants to be near the crowd and also show that, even though an attack could happen, we should not fear!

But what did the pope use before cars were invented? He travelled in a glorified sedan chair called sedia gestatoria.



July 14, 2013. General pope facts.

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