Where does the pope live and work?

Where does the pope work and live?            

The pope lives and works in the Vatican, in Rome, Italy. The Vatican covers an area of around 110 acres on the outskirts of Rome and is a walled enclave. It is actually a city state  – the smallest internationally recognised state in the world – ruled by the Bishop of Rome, otherwise known as the pope.

Popes have lived in the Vatican since the popes returned from Avignon in 1377, and usually the pope lives in the Apostolic Palace, which is very ornate and luxurious. However, Pope Francis I chooses not to live here, preferring instead the simpler Santa Marta Vatican residence.

The pope also has a summer residence, Castel Gandolfo, which is in the hills overlooking  lake Albano, southeast of Rome.

On most Sundays, the pope gives a special message and blessing to pilgrims who gather on St Peter’s Square, and to people throughout the whole world.



July 14, 2013. General pope facts.

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